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The Cut Out Kid has moved…

September 14, 2011

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The Sky Looks Sticky

July 22, 2011

Yesterday I was sent You Tube links for the Arctic Monkey’s “505,” and “Florescent Adolescent,” which are both great songs from their second album Favourite Worst Nightmare.  I have been thoroughly enjoying their fourth, and latest effort, Suck it and See, so the timing was impeccable.  “Black Treacle” has been stuck in my head for days, permanently burning a spot on my iPhone’s hard-drive.

The quick look back served as an example of how good the Monkey’s once were, and how great they have become.  They have a catalog that spans everything from dance rock to pop, though these days it seems they are moving closer to perfecting their pop life.  Hard to say, but this new entry could eclipse everything they’ve done up to this point.  The band continues to expand their repertoire with hooks and harmonies that supersede their heroes.  Reference the opening track “She’s Thunderstorms.”  It begins with some eery finger picking, that evolves into a pulsating riff, then explodes into pop heaven.  “Lying on her front/Up against the wall/She’s thunderstorms.”  The changes are not forced.  Here, drums build to a staccato and give way to a light, breathy chorus.  Suck it and See has such a natural, organic feel.  Something that is only possible through practice and perseverance.

The title song, “Suck it and See,” would make both the Beatles and Elvis jealous, with its singsong melodies.  Really, take a listen and tell me what you hear? 

Arctic Monkeys – Suck It And See

The boys might have outdone themselves this time, which seems to be the pattern.

Arctic Monkeys – The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

My Review

July 21, 2011

Nice Box. Minor Flaw

By Radstarr from Chicago, IL on 7/21/2011


4out of 5

This humidor was very nice, but came with a flaw, right on top of the box. It’s some sort of mark in the wood that won’t come out. The humidor is very nice though, just wish it wasn’t on the top, where everybody sees this, when I brag about it. Maybe the company can help me out with a coupon/discount for some cigars!?;)


Back From The Dead

July 18, 2011

This is the Kid Rock that I knew, and grew up with.  The one that slept at Stu’s apartment on Damen, after the Cubby Bear show in Chicago.  The one that stole cases of beer from a left open locker in the basement of the Cubby Bear (with help from his Top Dog crew).  The same one that pulled his Top Dog trailer up in front of that same apartment on Damen, only to come inside with that boosted beer, and party with his fans and friends.

This Kid Rock got his high-top shoe stolen while passed out in Stu’s chair, after that Cubby Bear “after party.”  The same ‘Rock that I battled in the upstairs dorm room at Perdue.  The same stoned pimp that we did shots with at U of  I, and partied with inside of his new-er trailer.  And the same yodeler that I bartered with over  jerseys that he signed, fittingly enough, “I Got More Time Than Morris Day!”

Matter of fact, this Kid Rock, never really goes away.  I still listen to The Polyfuze Method, and Early Mornin’ Stoned Pimp, and Devil Without a Cause, monthly Quarterly, I’ll listen to “Grits, Sandwiches For Breakfast,” and bask in the memories of that “Short Dog’s In The House Tour,” where we first fell in love with the Kid.  The tour where he got booed off stage, middle finger in the air, Detroit boxers and all.  These records are the ones I will always go back to.  They furthered the genre, while at the same time widening it.  Kid Rock was the unofficial 4th Beastie Boy,  and the hardest working person in showbiz.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll always say, he deserves everything he gets.  

When a friend sent me this video, I was brought back to my high school days when Kid Rock was on the outside looking in.  He has worked hard to become a star, and I’m happy for him.  I still await his return to back to his roots and the rap game.  Kid, if your reading this, give us a few more classic rap albums.

On another note:

It’s cool to see how far ‘Rock has come.  Now he is being used for mash-ups and sampled.  Everything comes full circle in life.

Tupac Vs Kid Rock (Roll on) Remix

Kid Rock – My Oedipus Complex

Third Man’s Rolling Record Store

July 14, 2011

The ‘Kid needs to get back  to talking about the great purchases he made, while perusing the Reckless’ cut out bins recently.  But first something really cool, brought to you by Jack White.  In this video there is a factoid that states: “97% off all high school aged kids have never been to a stand alone record store.”  Looks like Jack White might be bringing that record store to you.  That would be great for those kids that have never been.  One of the most exciting pastimes of mine was walking around the local record store, and talking to the people who worked there.  We would all cram in the same car, or walk to the ones that were close enough.  Even going in when I had no money to buy anything,  just to look through the new stock of albums, and plan out my purchases for the coming month.  Sliding out the vinyl to see if it was colored, and hoping for printed lyrics.  Morrissey and The Smiths went as far as etching quotes into the inner ring of the record, adding another bonus to browsing.

It appears that Mr. White has also invented the Triple Decker Record.  What a swell idea this is too.  Vinyl is not just fun to listen to, but I always loved holding the covers and staring at the inserts.  So, this new invention would give you something new to do while listening to that record.

How does a man do so much, with so little time!?  I’m envious; why am I still not playing with records and defining music?  Oh well, enjoy…and if you see this rolling store, tweet me!

“Gucci Gucci” Got The Floor Bumpin’!

June 29, 2011

“Gucci Gucci” has literally been on repeat since this morning, in between commercial breaks, when we are not on the air.  I like creative rap, and this has some endearing, innocent quality to it.  Who knows if Kreayshawn can bring an album of tracks with this magnitude, but it is so refreshing to hear something that doesn’t have Chris Brown, Rhianna, or Bruno Mars singing the hook on it.  Commercial hip hop all sounds the same, while this beat sounds old school (ever heard of the Real Roxanne) and unkempt to me.  What I mean, is that it sounds fresh, not overproduced.  This could be the last fresh thing she does though, as word has it she is now signed to Columbia.  Apparently, a bidding war erupted over Kreayshawn, with Columbia winning out for a cool milli!  Either way, this song is fun, and the rap, hip hop world, needs more of this.

Kreayshawn – “Bumpin Bumpin”

Kreayshawn – “Online Fantasy

Kreayshawn – “Rich Whores


The Return of Jane’s

June 8, 2011

There was never any doubt as to whether or not Perry Farrell had a great voice.  Nor was Dave Navarro’s song writing prowess and guitar playing ever second guessed.  Farrell was the voice of a generation (the same one that brought us Lolla), and Jane’s Addiction gave one swift kick in the balls to rock n roll.  The problem lay in them getting along and staying off drugs long enough to continue being creative.  There have been different reincarnations of the band over the last few years, but the creativity has never been as strong since the Ritual de lo Habitual album.  Their new album, The Great Escape Artist, could change all that.  If this first single is any sign of what’s ahead for the boys, then we might be in line to see a proper return to form for Jane’s Addiction.

This below is an excerpt from the Wiki page.  I thought it was worth sharing.

Jane’s Addiction-“End To The Lies”

Jane’s Addiction began writing The Great Escape Artist, shortly after founding bassist Eric Avery‘s departure in 2010, with vocalist Perry Farrell stating, “Eric did not want to record. So we took him out of the equation. We couldn’t live with not recording.”[8] Commenting on the relationship between the remaining three members of the band, Dave Navarro, Stephen Perkins and himself, Farrell stated: “Dave and Steve and I are like brothers. I’ve got children, and my kid smacked my other kid in the head this morning, but at the same time they hate being separated. On a plane one will say, ‘I wanna’ sit with my brother.’ That’s how I feel about Dave and Steve. I hope they’d tell you the same thing.”[8]

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